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Stacey Beierling

Physiotherapy Assistant

STOTT PILATES, Rehab Instructor Trainer

Stacey Beierling Physiotherapist Skye Health London Ontario Canada

You will see Stacey working as both a Physiotherapy Assistant and managing many of the Administrative and technical tasks of opening the new SKYE HEALTH clinic.  Stacey is highly organized, keen to learn and loves to help clients achieve better health.

Stacey graduated from Western University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in 2014. She continued her studies, internationally, at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, United Kingdom. After completing a dissertation focusing on low back pain and clinical Pilates, she graduated in 2018. She also continues to seek additional education to further her journey and knowledge within Physiotherapy.  She is excited to study STOTT PILATES and incorporate Rehab Pilates principles into her client care.

Stacey is currently working as a Physiotherapy Assistant while attaining working status as a Physiotherapist in Canada. Stacey's interests involve traveling and being active. She believes in a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising regularly. Some of her favourite recreational activities include playing soccer, ice hockey, and badminton...and organizing stuff!

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