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Magnesium Products

Natural Living Skincare Magnesium Products

Skye Health is proud to carry:

Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Products

Supplementation and Pain Relief

“Transdermal” is magnesium that is absorbed through the skin, directly into the cells. 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium and doesn’t know it! Taking magnesium orally tends to absorb poorly in your body, often causing loose stools.

Transdermal magnesium offers relief from stress, sleep issues, anxiety, pain, and conditions associated with magnesium deficiency, including osteoporosis, high blood pressure and diabetes.

One of magnesium’s 300 functions is to relax the muscles.  When you have twitches, spasms, “Charlie horse”, muscle fatigue and pain YOU ARE EXPERIENCING MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY! Spray magnesium directly on the problem area and it will go away immediately!

Regular use can prevent and relieve:

  • muscle pain, weakness and inflammation

  • anxiety

  • muscle cramps, tightness; helps improve recovery post-exercise

  • osteoporosis

  • kidney stones and calcifications

5 Handcrafted Products are offered:

  1. Transdermal Magnesium Body Spray-full strength magnesium chloride solution-General supplementation for better sleep, relief from twitches or spasms etc. Apply before exercise to prevent fatigue and injury. Suitable for everyone. (8 oz. spray@$13)

  2. Transdermal Magnesium Body Spray Enhanced with witch hazel, menthol crystals, eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils in a full strength magnesium chloride solution -(8 oz. spray@$15) All the benefits of #1 but with added pain relief. Cooling too! Reduces sweating and odor of the body and feet. Spray on your neck and shoulders to relieve stress and stiffness.

  3. Magnesium plus Menthol PAIN SPRAY- Full strength magnesium chloride solution with lots of peppermint menthol as well as oil of wintergreen, which contains Methyl Salicylate (yes the wintergreen tree made aspirin before the scientists) for both their natural pain relieving properties. Choose when you have extreme stiffness and pain. Use as needed. (4 oz. spray @ $15)

  4. Peppermint Hand and Body Lotion with Magnesium Chloride-Choose if you want a beautiful sweet almond oil lotion that smells great, gives you the benefits of magnesium and added pain relief of peppermint crystals. (4 oz. @$15)

  5. Magnesium plus Menthol PAIN LOTION-As effective in treating pain and inflammation as #3, more peppermint crystal than #4 and oil of wintergreen for added pain relief. Perfect for arthritic hands, sore knees and hips and foot problems, including plantar fasciitis and bunions.(4 oz.@$15)

DUO’S - Travel size #1 paired with #2 or #3 or #4 or #5 or NEW Scent Free Magnesium Lotion ($15 per duo) 

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