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Kubet Weston


STOTT PILATES Rehab Instructor

"Kubet loves to run and she can't sit still!" What was written on her report card in grade two still rings true today!

Kubet achieved early success in high school track, but her Olympic dream was sidelined by a devastating knee injury.  After a full knee reconstruction and a year of rehab she went on to work as a co-op student and then a Physiotherapy Assistant at her small town Physiotherapy clinic.  Kubet graduated from the University of Toronto Physiotherapy program in 1997 and has been working as a Physiotherapist ever since.   She is grateful to have found her passion early and loves what she does.

Kubet lived and worked in London Ontario and competed for Canada as a rower all around the world.  She won four World Championship medals, and was a member of the team at the Sydney Olympics.  She worked for many years with Rowing Canada travelling as a Physiotherapist internationally, and working locally with elite athletes.  Her Olympic story is one of perseverance and giving back.

After the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Kubet lived and worked in Melbourne Australia developing an interest in integrating Rehab Pilates and Physio.  She returned to Canada with her husband and two young boys and opened Skye Physiotherapy & Pilates in 2008.  She maintains a love of Aussie wine, and the appreciation of a work-life balance, while bringing energy and commitment to her practice, her profession and her patients.  She still runs, loves to race, and gets a big head start -------------------------------------------------------- when running with her husband and two speedy boys.

---------------------------------------------------- SKYE HEALTH is her lifelong vision!

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