Physiotherapy London Ontario

Physiotherapy London Ontario

Physiotherapy in London, Ontario

SKYE HEALTH is a Physiotherapy Clinic in London, Ontario that offers a comprehensive and specialized approach to injury and rehabilitation management.  Treatment is provided in a modern, fully equipped and newly established clinic. 

We take pride in offering a unique physiotherapy facility in a warm, friendly atmosphere.  All physiotherapy appointments take place in comfortable, private treatment room.  There is an exercise area for our main rooms and a light-filled studio for additional exercise programming.

Our physiotherapy practice in London, ON focuses on a whole person approach to injury management and health.  In addition to addressing areas of pain, dysfunction, and injury, we look at posture, biomechanics, general health and movement to determine what factors are involved and how to improve them.

We take a very holistic approach to treatment and have the ability to combine Physiotherapy, Massage, Pilates to help our clients recover. 

 Live Well, Move Well, Thrive with Physiotherapy

--Physiotherapist in London, Ontario

Treatments include manual therapy, joint mobilization, electrotherapy, taping and bracing, IMS/dry needling, acupuncture, and exercise rehabilitation including Rehab Pilates.  Our focus is on resolving pain and limitation, and restoring optimal function and mobility.

With our in-depth understanding of musculoskeletal disorders and biomechanics, we offer effective therapy for the following:

Back and Neck Pain


Pre/Post Natal Pelvic and Back Pain

Sports Injuries & Postural Problems

Motor Vehicle and Workplace Injuries

Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation




Physiotherapy Clinic in London, ON

Our goal is to assist patients gain improved performance, recover faster and prevent further complications.  The Physiotherapy practitioners at SKYE HEALTH bring a wealth of experience in Manual Therapy, Sports Medicine, Functional Movement, Rehab Pilates and IMS/Dry Needling.  But most importantly: we love what we do!

Physiotherapy in London, Ontario