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Move better. Feel Better Workshop

Loko Sport
Feeling happy, healthy, and fit as we age!  That's the goal - and something our three presenters are passionate about in their personal lives and careers.  At a time when COVID has forced us to change how we live - we still need to connect, share and grow!  Kubet, Sil and Sandra will share information, resources, and get you moving with some Pilates, Fitness, and Yoga sessions incorporated in our time together.  We all need something to look forward to and we can't wait to see you.  Hope you can join us! 

SATURDAY MAY 1st | 10am- 12 noon Virtual

9:50am Platform Opens (coffee & connecting)

10:05 Program Begins

10:05-10:15 Introduction

10:15-11:45 Program Sessions

11:45- 11:55 Q&A

111:55- 12:00 Closing (and prize draw - woo hoo!)

COST $25  

Register: Virtual Classes & Workshops at  skyehealth.janeapp.com

Once payment is recieved and entry questionnaire completed you will be eligible to win our amazing Draw Prize including $100 gift certificate from Loko Sport, 1 Nutrition and 4 Personal Training Sessions from Coach Sil Fitness, and a Home Exercise Package including Stott Pilates mat, pilates ball, resistance loops and bands an Orb Ball.  Amazing!




Kubet Weston is a Physiotherapist and owner of Skye Health.  She is also a former Olympic rower, Mom to two teenagers, and she wants to help shift the narrative on women's aging, fitness and health.  We need more research, more understanding, and more women empowered with their healthcare and expectations for their future.  Kubet will be sharing some of her knowledge about the impact of physiology, hormones, posture, and illness/injury prevention and will conduct a feel good session of Rehab Pilates exercises.  A little known fact about Kubet is that if she wasn't a Physiotherapist her other dream goal was to be a Medical Illustrator!

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Sil Oliveira, owner of Coach Sil Fitness, is a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.  Origionally from Brazil, Sil graduated with a Law Degree but health and fitness is her true passion and calling!  She is well known for her Boot Camp and Cycling Classes and she helps all her clients achieve their Personal Training goals in a safe, enthusiastic and energetic environment.  Favourite quote: “Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – L. Holtz.  Sil will run us through some home fitness exercises with minimal equipment and maximal fun!

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Sandra Maniago started her activewear business Loko Sport in 1995 as a way of realizing a childhood dream of designing her own fashion collection.  Sandra was raised to appreciate the outdoors and fresh healthy food, and in her career combines her love for activity with her love for making clothes.  After raising her own children Sandra attended Yoga Teacher Training and began teaching Hatha and Restorative Yoga.  Yoga has helped Sandra through life's good times and difficult ones - and she will share her gift of Yoga with us to close our workshop.

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