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Stjepan Prtenjaca


Dry Needling/ IMS, Functional Movement Screening

Stjepan Prtenjaca Physiotherapy Skye Health London Ontario Canada

Stjepan is a Physiotherapist that truly understands how moving well and painfree impacts his clients ability to live life to the fullest. He has a wealth of experience through dealing with his own sports injuries and working as a Physiotherapist for many years in private practise.

Stepan graduated from University of Western Ontario with Honors in Kinesiology and went on to achieve a Masters of Physical Therapy in 2011.  He continues to build on his skill base with extended training in Dry Needling/IMS, Manual therapy, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

Stjepan has built quite a reputation within the running, cross-fit, strength & conditioning, and soccer community for his exceptional movement based assessments and practical suggestions to keep clients on pace to compete and participate at their best.  He also provides leadership and mentorship with experience as a Clinical Lead and support to Personal Trainers, Coaches and other healthcare practitioners in London.

Stjepan enjoys working with people of all ages and all abilities from children through to seniors.  Everyone gets a fist bump and words of optimism and encouragement when they see him!

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