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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Following injury from a Motor Vehicle Collision, physiotherapy plays an important role in early pain management, realistic goal setting for return to work, family life and recreation, and education to alleviate anxiety associated with pain and return to function.

Neck injury, or Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) is the most common injury following motor vehicle accident.

Concussion care for people injured in a motor vehicle accident can be challenging.  Wait times for hospital programs are lengthy and Sports Medicine Clinics will not accept accident related concussion funding or provide care.  Early access to a Physiotherapist trained to assess and treat Concussions is vital to optimizing early recovery.  At SKYE HEALTH Physiotherapists are trained by Shift Concussion Management , the and we can address motor vehicle related concussions.

In Ontario, the automobile insurance industry provides clear guidelines for reporting injury related to motor vehicle accidents and timely access to treatment. Early treatment of soft tissue injuries is the key to promoting recovery and return to pre accident levels of comfort and function.

Please see the following brochure from the Government of Ontario:  After an Accident Understanding the Claims Process

Accident Benefits:

Accident benefits are provided according to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS), which is a regulation made under the Insurance Act. The benefits and the rules differ depending on when you had your accident.  

Have your injuries assessed by a primary health care practitioner, such as a Doctor or Physiotherapist. You can be assessed by a Physiotherapist with no doctor's referral required.

Your Physiotherapist will assess your injury, develop and carryout a treatment plan, complete the required forms and submit these to your insurance company.  If other services or additional assistance at home or work is required, your physiotherapist can recommend and assist in co-ordinating these services.

Please contact SKYE HEALTH Physiotherapy if you have any questions. We also offer mobile physiotherapy services in the comfort of home for patients who are injured in a motor vehicle accident. 

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