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Workplace Injuries

At SKYE HEALTH we accept APPROVED WSIB claims.

Physiotherapists have direct patient care access to treat injured or ill workers.  If you have been injured at work you may be eligible to recieve benefits for physiotherapy, and acupuncture treatment through the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB).

Our Physiotherapists can help with your injury claim directly!  There is no need for a doctors referral to initiate treatment.

Many injured workers go to a physiotherapist to assess and treat their workplace injuries. Under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, injured workers have the right to choose the practitioner from which they get care and and consult a physiotherapist without a referral from a physician. Being assessed by a physiotherapist and beginning treatment as soon as possible after an injury speeds return to work and increases the likelihood of full recovery.

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) together with the Ontario Physiotherapy Association have developed Programs of Care based on specific areas of injury.  A Program of Care for Acute Low Back Injuries, Persistent Low Back Injuries, Lower Extremity Injuries, Upper Extremity Injuries and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries are available.  At SKYE HEALTH our Physiotherapy practitioners are registered with the WSIB, and can assist you with all aspects of your recovery.

More information can be found at the WSIB website.

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 Physiotherapy Treatment Guidelines from WSIB

  • The WSIB may approve up to 12 weeks of physiotherapy in an allowed claim.
  • Continuing entitlement to physiotherapy is handled on a claim by claim basis, and the length of treatment may vary depending on the injury and response to treatment.

Your physiotherapist will complete the required paperwork for WSIB. 

Please contact SKYE HEALTH Physiotherapy and we will assist you with your Workplace Injury.

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